Silly Saturday - Really Wild Horses

Instead of leaving the signal boxes a drab grey, they artistically paint them. Nothing like bringing a smile at the street corner while waiting for the light to change.

My mom has been making a grocery list this week knowing that I was to go shopping for her on Saturday. Well shopping in the era of Covid-19 is an experience. The local store normally has two entrances open. Today it was just one as they hired a temporary to round up all the carts by the unlocked closed doors and sanitize everyone of them. As you walked in the social distancing signs were everywhere, where to stand in line and... Most people were trying to leave enough space though. 

Two things of note - the first was I was standing by the cooler of milk and noticing they were out of the one I normally get, I was trying to figure out something else when another person asked me to move so that she could get what she wanted. Of course I moved - I had then noticed she was wearing a mask, gloves, had a box of sanitized wipes in her cart AND a small garbage bag. At this point I figured I was screwed OR she was just really REALLY cautious. The second was over in the produce isle. You know those plastic bags that no one can open to put your produce in? So they used to have a little sponge with water - wet your fingers and your good to go... those went away.. the thought of touching a wet piece of produce came to mind - but if I wasn't buying it then... finally the automatic sprayers came on - that got the bags just wet enough to open..  Such a first world problem I know but...

Spending the rest of the day not doing much.. 

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