Border Tails

By Swannie

Day one!

At the beginning of this week, we were issued with gloves, hand sanitiser, antibacterial spray and a roll of blue paper to keep us drivers safe. I asked the question of management, would it be okay if I now refused to enter clients’ premises, and asked them to bring out the samples to me and this was Deemed acceptable.

I have underlying problems with my lungs, after a battle with a rare form of sarcoidosis twenty years ago left my lungs damaged. On top of this, I have developed asthma, but it is pretty much under control. But, I was thrown a bit of a curve ball when the councils in their wisdom shut every single public toilet on my run! This meant that I had to take my chances in crowded supermarkets and people seemed to have no idea what two metres looked like!

On Thursday, I got in touch with the head of logistics and explained that I no longer felt that I could do my job and stay safe. He was very sympathetic and said that he understood my position and would have no problem if I took time off. I let the lab know, but said I would work Friday as I didn’t want to leave them in the lurch, so I’m now home and staying safe.

Day one and I found a 500 piece jigsaw to keep me amused.

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