Uneasy Times...

Charlie showing her thoughts...but soon afterwards, chasing a cabbage white butterfly (sadly not captured) :)

Up early and just as well as my online delivery was here at 7.30am!  No toilet rolls and no meat!  I was going to the supermarket to get a couple of things I hadn't put on the delivery, and some food for a neighbour, so as soon as I'd had breakfast off I went.

Strict 'social distancing' outside apart from the prats who climbed over the 'string' separating lines!! I got in within 5 minutes though.  Inside was not organised.  I tried to stay safe but it was really difficult to do thanks to people going in between the '2 metres'!  Grrrr....  

Anyway, I have enough shopping to last for a while now unless I have an emergency :)

The rest of the day I have relaxed, dozed, pottered and watched wall to wall 'Call the Midwife' on Drama Channel, after a stressful week working from home.  Hoping next week will be less stressful as I get used to this 'strange new world'.

Hating the isolation though.  Have not spoken to anyone all day apart from a quick doorstep chat with my neighbour as I left her shopping and stood back.  I haven't walked either - thanks to the idiots of last weekend, most of my area is now in lockdown and even the nature reserve is blocked off so people can't drive there :(:(   

Tomorrow I'll see how I feel really early on about walking down to the canal -but it is a little unsafe due to druggies and rough sleepers (sorry for them but even so)...

And that's all!

Happy Saturday folks :)


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