Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Through the Clouds

I chose to take my daily exercise at about half past five this evening. As I went round the corner to the Lindridge road I could see that there were some spectacular crepuscular rays to the west.

We encouraged Otis out the back door today. We thought he'd probably take his treat and dive back in the door (it was close to his meal time so we didn't think he'd go far). He didn't though. He took the steps down to the garden without hesitation and started an exploration. 

We got a bit anxious and tried to encourage him in but he was much more interested in smelling things. Eventually I managed to grasp him and carted him in unceremoniously. I doubt he would have gone missing but it was our anxiety that wouldn't allow us to risk it. He's still a bit anxious and if anything spooked him he might well take off. I'm not sure how the lockdown regulations relate to a lost pet.

We'll try again another time. Maybe when he's hungry before he's had his breakfast.

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