Walk or drive

There has been a debate in the last few days as to whether we can get in our car to drive somewhere to do our allotted once a day exercise outing.This is to stop people driving to places like the Lake District to go for a walk. And the Mountain Rescue folks have pleaded with people to avoid the high fells .   
This afternoon as the sun was setting behind the hills and our valley was in the shade,  I saw sun up high on Scout Scar, just a couple of km away, and decided to drive up to the car park and walk along the ridge. The advantage of walking on Scout Scar is that you don't have to walk through any gates, or farms or climb over any stiles. All of which we have been advised to avoid. 
There were 4 other cars in the car park which was not closed and we had absolutely no trouble avoiding people.   I succeeded in finding the sun as you can see .  
I could have walked here , the path goes through 2 farms and countless gates. You may not agree that I should have driven here but being able to walk without  worrying about farms and gates was quite a relief. 

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