The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie

Neatsfoot Oil

This is one of my clogs that my auntie gave me ages ago, because they did 't fit her or something. They'e useful for sort of just slipping on to put the recycling out and stuff like that. This is it with one half oiled, and the other half yet to be oiled. What a difference! It's so satisfying to see the leather drinking up the oil. It was so thirsty!

This morning I did some embroidery whilst watching The Phantom of the Opera 2004. It was quite good. Amazing music, but weird plot. I thought the phantom looked like Elvis Presley, and pretty much everyone else except Raoul was way too wishy-washy.

In the afternoon I did a Youtube live drawing session with LoveLifeDrawing. Not a live model, just (clothed) photographs, but the guy from the youtube channel drawing alongside everyone else, and the chat thing open. I found it good fun and good practice - and produced some reasonable art in the process!

This evening was Firestarters Online! 7:30 - 9. It was good, though not as well organised as the thing yesterday was. We had worship, and small group time, and teaching, and general chatting, and of course, in Firestarters tradition, everything got to be about half an hour behind schedule!

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