Another Day

By BlackTulip


I went to the supermarket a little earlier this morning and there were probably about a dozen people in front of me on their individual markers.  It opened promptly at 9.30 a.m. and we were ushered inside keeping to the 2 metre rule, although the staff don't seem to have quite grasped it and I had to ask the "usherer" to move further back. 

I whipped around all the aisles as fast as I could and ticked off most of the items on my list.  Still no small tins of kidney beans.  Again the staff were wandering around the aisles willy nilly but I avoided most of them.

I headed for the checkout and asked which ones would be opened at 10 O'Clock, unloaded my trolley and stood well out of the way of anyone else. 

Sitting having a hot drink in the conservatory with JJ when I saw the main branch of a small plum tree over the fence in the school playing field keel over.  Fortunately it didn't land on our side of the fence or the greenhouse might have taken a battering.

This is one of the casualties but was also on its last legs anyway.

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