Silly Saturday ....

.... it had to a collage today.

We decided to run out this morning to pick up some groceries and some other things.  Two destinations were on our agenda and we stuck to that plan. Although we did try another shop .... an outlet bakery .... but as you can see from my collage it was closed "due to lack of product"!! Crazy!

For the most part it rained all day but when we returned I put out some peanuts for the squirrels and birds …. they still have to eat! I sat inside the sunroom with the door open as it was raining quite hard at this point.  You can see the rain in the Blue Jay photo.  And also in the photo I shot from inside the car while we were at Costco ... upper right photo. 

We spent the rest of the day at home getting stuff done around the house.  The coming week will continue to be rainy days so our self-isolation may get interesting .... especially if we can't get out to walk.

COVID-19 by the numbers (as of 12 PM today):
Positive cases in Pennsylvania  - 2,751
Negative cases in Pennsylvania - 25,254
Number of deaths in Pennsylvania a - 34
Cases in Northampton County - 94 (4 deaths)

To put this into perspective:  The population of Northampton county is 303, 405 (from 2017).  This means that the percentage of our county's population that is positive for coronavirus is .03% (that's point 03%).

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