By Saffi


Watched a brace of pheasants courting this morning on the lawn, actually it was mostly the male as the female kept escaping and flying up on to the most prickly of the shrubs in the garden, probably hurting herself in so doing!  He persisted in his hunched up low bellied way puffed out with his head down,  walking in every decreasing circles around her and occasionally stretching out a wing and quivering and shaking it at her - she obviously didn't find him attractive!  Don't know that I would have done either!   By the time I got my camera they had moved out of sight, isn't that always the way!

A day without seeing anyone but I dressed up and went for a good walk over the farm this afternoon.  Saw T in the distance  working the fields.   He was up at 5am this morning (4 am old time) and is still out there now, probably very tired but so relieved he can now get on with the work.

Phoned G in Gloucestershire this evening and had a long natter.  She was ok, also alone.

Extra photo: gorse

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