Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

At Blackford Pond

I hadn't been to Blackford Pond since the beginning of this month, which seems an age ago in terms of what's changed for us humans. I was glad to see that things were progressing as normal for the swans with Mrs Swan on the nest on the island - the water level had gone down since my last visit. This isn't a very exciting photo, I really meant it as an ordinary photo about something ordinary, to show that the whole world hasn't changed.

There were fewer birds around than on my last visit: only a couple of male mallards, one male tufty, a few moorhens as before and a single coot again, no black headed gulls but a few herring gulls. The pair of geese seemed to have moved on. I hope it will be a good spring for the pond - I intend to visit it a fair amount .

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