West Norwood blips

By KandCamera

City view

For my daily permitted walk today I went to check out the nearest park - Inverleith Park. I thought that it wasn't too busy and that everyone was being very good at keeping their distance from each other. The joggers I saw mostly left plenty of space and it was great to see lots of dogs running around.

Compared with Streatham Common last weekend it was peaceful and social distancing was working. But I've since seen a post on social media with people complaining about how busy and dangerous Inverleith Park was this afternoon. Interesting how perceptions can be so different. And I guess this will be the problem if the police are given greater powers to enforce the restrictions - different interpretations of what is ok and what isn't.

I was happy to see that you can see the castle and Arthur's Seat from the park. I expect the novelty of seeing them will wear off eventually but I hope it doesn't happen too quickly!

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