Crazy as a loon

We took our walk early again this morning. It was just beautiful with a bit of fog in the distance. We only met 2 bike riders and one was our neighbor.
 This loon was diving in the river when we started our walk so I got my shot early in the game today. We put the office back together after shampooing the carpet. Next we mulched our pond garden. Dinner was a nice roast cooked with potatoes, carrots, celery and onions in the crock pot. Easy-Peasy! We will be practicing social distancing until April 30 and some may be crazy as a loon by then...not me...I've done it most of my life anyway.

COVID19 St. Mary's county 9 cases
Number of Confirmed Cases: 1239
Number of negative test results: 12,354
Number of Deaths: 10
Hospitalizations: 277 ever hospitalized
Released From Isolation: 39

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