Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Where is everybody?

This lil' fella has been singing his heart out day and night for weeks. At night the street lights trick him into thinking it's daytime. He just wants to let everyone know he's here, especially the lady birds (not ladybirds).

Overnight the snow came down, the most we've had in this patch, and it was quite magical watching it. Got my camera out and tried lots of different settings to see what effects I could get, and one of those was going to be my blip today, but for the fact that I managed to get clearer shots than I was expecting of Mr Robin, who was at the top of the tree at the full extent of my 26x zoom. So the snow pics are demoted to my blipfolio.

Last night I watched a recorded programme from BBC4 about ice and snow in art. It was great but I couldn't watch it all the way to the end as I was far too cosy and sleepy, so will play it again. They had lots of different people each talking about a single favourite painting in a similar setting of the painting. Very interesting. They talked about the picture but also the history of what was happening at the time that the picture was painted.

Particularly interesting was the bit about a painting of the Thames frozen over. This was during the Great Frost of 1683-84 and the Thames was frozen for 10 weeks. 10 bloody weeks!!! Can you imagine! The narrator said that since this was perceived as new land not part of the country it was felt to not be governed by the laws of the land, so traders set up stalls without having to pay anything and other charged for rides in carriages and there was a general fair atmosphere. Obviously this cold was not restricted to London. Reports from elsewhere in Europe had similar tales including the sea freezing.

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