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#HeartsForHeroes Guest Challenge

We’d like to announce a wonderful new Guest Community Challenge from, appropriately, blipper HeartFreek:

There are warming initiatives underway around the world to bring communities together and, in particular, to celebrate and thank the people who are working tirelessly to fight the coronavirus. Cheering, clapping and singing from balconies at scheduled times is happening regularly in many countries.

We’d like to encourage a visual interpretation of this on Blipfoto - we’re asking you to blip a heart for our heroes, be they part of the healthcare system or workers operating flat out to keep essential infrastructures operating - there are many, many people working incredibly hard to keep our people well and our countries running.  We’d like to see a heart-filled Blipfoto dedicated to them, and to those of you who are part of keeping this all going.

I’m going to be using my hands to form a heart but there are many ways you could take part such as finding something you have that’s heart-shaped, looking for or designing something with nature, getting crafty with food or art supplies or using your creativity with photography software. 

If you would like to include your 'HeartsForHeroes' images, please tag a maximum of two images #HeartsForHeroes between today, Monday 30th March, and Sunday 5th April 2020.

Many thanks in anticipation for joining in,

(Blipper: HeartFreek)

NB Please read this part carefully:  This could be something that would be inspiring to share quickly so please do add the tag #Heart2share if you would allow us to share a link to your JOURNAL ENTRY on social media (i.e. not just a photo from your journal).


We welcome your suggestions - we like to work as one Blipfoto community and marketing team!  If you have ideas or constructive feedback for us, please email  

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