Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Matt’s birthday! Considering the lockdown I think we managed a very successful day!

Presents, balloons and a birthday crown at breakfast, then a chilled morning. Paul dropped round a surprise bag of tasty treats in the afternoon (including some homemade scones, cream and jam!)

I showed Matt the birthday video his friends had made for him - everyone singing happy birthday (apart from Dave who misread the brief and so submitted a 2 minute long, rather breathy rendition of The Joker instead). He loved it.

In the evening we did the birthday quiz (TriViral Pursuit) for the gang. It went down very well, they all got very competitive and there was a surprise upset in the final round. In extras there’s a shot of the task “change your appearance in the most radical way in 60 seconds” - Matt predicted Brown would just immediately get naked and he was correct.

This social distancing thing is surprisingly social!

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