By talia_e_foa

Lesson in sharing

Sabu: now Orlando make room for me I would like some wet food too.

Orlando: but this is my breakfast mum gave it to me. There is not enough room for us both.

Sabu: now you must learn to share it is all about manners. Manners maketh cat.

Orlando: all this talking is making me very hungry.

Sabu: the next lesson will be called patience.

Orlando: ?

Sabu: come on Orlando surely you have had enough now?

Orlando: I am still a kitten mum says I am a Main Coon and I will be a big boy one day so I need the extra food.

Me: Orlando eat up now. (What is so funny we are out of kitten food this is the special diet food that neither Sinatra nor Sabu would eat shhh don’t tell them!)

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