A day out with Magnus Lönn

Don't want to show off too much, as I realise so many are in lockdown - but I had a day out today! It included a lot of hand-washing, sanitiser use, distance and not one single hug from anyone but Keith.

We wanted to see an exhibition that was finishing this week so now was the moment! The artist is called Magnus Lönn, and he has spent a lifetime working with found objects (see extra) and words, often made up or changed from regular Swedish in some way. There is poetry and sculpture and pictures. He has a fabulous imagination and there is a lot of humour in the pieces. I used to use pictures from an exhibition of his work when teaching pre-school teachers how to work with literacy in a creative way, using art. 

The exhibition was very lovely, whimsical and clever and the gallery was empty of people, just me and Keith, and Karin who came to meet us there.No hugs. I used the disinfection gel provided as I entered the building, still can't find any in the shops to buy -there's been a bit of a run for some reason that slips my mind.

Afterwards we went for a coffee which became lunch, mostly to support the restaurant. We sat at a sensible distance from each other and there was much washing of hands. Still very low levels of infection in our area, but it pays to keep practicing as it will become the real thing in a while.

As the two Ks walked in the glorious sunshine, along the river that runs through the town, I went to the garage to discuss the mending of a fault that was caused when they mended the car a while back. The windscreen washer fluid runs away in no time... which is not practical at all. It's now booked in for Thursday. There was hand sanitiser on the counter in the workshop, so I had another go. 

We're home now after a whole day out -the first in some time. There is a lot of snow left, despite the sun, as it has remained cold all day. Freezing at night should help the snow to last a bit longer too. It is so white, bright and beautiful. 

I had a parcel arrive from England, with a blip book in it! "A Single Thread" by Tracy Chevalier. The idea is to read it and then send it to another blipper to read. I am number three on the list of names and places that is written inside the book. Lovely idea! I wonder who will get it next?

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