Photomuncher's Spot

By photomuncher

It's red, royal and ...

... to my eye, a touch pubescent?

Yes, it's rhubarb.  But not just any rhubarb. This is -  Barmoral Rhubarb, from Royal Deeside, but photoed today on my allotment. No, of course I am not joking. It is from a strain originally grown under the Royal Standard and it has a suitably fine and superior flavour, proven to tickle royal palates over many generations.

It is special for another reason. It is fiercely red as it grows and - wait for it - retains its redness when cooking and afterwards. It looks as great as it tastes. Rhubarb fit for a King or Queen. 

It's just a pity I can't tell you how I came by it: Well, I suppose I might, if you were to give me a star or three.  Trust me, it's a good story.

To be continued ....   


The extra is a common or garden Pulmonaria from an offshoot given to me 30 plus years ago by a then neighbour over on the other side of the city.  I am very fond of it, not least because it grows like a weed and is as tough as old boots.  

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