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Village Gossip

Manic Monday at my computer. Usual frustration with slow broadband and a whole heap of annoying admin I wasn’t expecting. I had an unexpected surprise from a colleague today. It brightened my afternoon after a stressful morning. Funnily enough it wasn’t the gesture that meant the most but the words ‘how much we appreciate you’. It’s nice to hear it once in a while.

When I finally switched off the computer at 630pm I headed out for a walk. On my second lap of the village, just as the light was fading, a friend from the airfield walked around the corner. He beamed a smile at me and we stood for a while chatting away (he stood in the road and I stood on the pavement at least 2 metres away). For a few minutes it felt like life was almost normal except for the topic of discussion on how bizarre life is at the moment. It seemed so strange not to hug ‘hello’ as we usually would.

A villager walking her dog joined the conversation soon after and as we stood in this random triangle, two of us on opposite pavements and one in the road, Lottie the dog sniffed our boots and kept looking at us quizzically as if to say “Why is you being so weird and why youz no stroking me silly hooman?” (It’s a little known fact this is how dogs talk just so you know)!

We ended up chatting about medical detection dogs and both my friend and Lottie’s mum said they thought the bio detection was so clever. I wanted to stroke Lottie so much I could cry so instead I chatted to her in my usual bonkers way I talk to animals.

I left my friend chatting to Lottie’s mum to finish my lap of the village before it got too dark. I noticed Lottie watching me walk up the street. A few minutes later she watched me walk back again. “Strange hooman!” I bet she was thinking!

Today’s photo: The village post box with the Royal cypher ‘G VI R’ for King George VI.

Read more about post box Royal cyphers here.

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