Can I have an "F" please?

End of the week, woot! After work I had three houses to thermal image scan, so I was home and ready to crash by about 9:30. I've now completed two-thirds of the scanning, I've just got eleven houses to go for this batch.

Except for specific issues the advice is dead straight forward and easy. Fit blinds and lined curtains and use them when it's dark. Make sure doors fit properly and that includes loft hatches and doors into garages. Make sure you have 30 cm of loft insulation properly fitted and if your house has cavity walls get them filled. If your gas boiler is more than a decade old then start planning a replacement, if it's over two decades old then you should replace it now. High performance windows are great but you'll never get your money back, unless you have a lots of glazing and the rest of the house is already ultra efficient.

Today's (backblip) is the outside of the box that the thermal imaging camera lives in. I took the blip late at night and couldn't think of anything better to do...

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