Another Day

By BlackTulip

Social distancing

It's our 53rd Wedding Anniversary, no kidding.

As the weather was dull but still, we had a longer stroll this morning, walking up to the village and along the ridge.  Not much to hear except the odd Skylark and there were a few people out and about.

Answer to Question 1 was 3, but o works equally well.  (Slice through the 8 horizontally or vertically).

Question 2, remembering these are answers children have given.

"What is the difference between 9 and 4?"

Last evening I was wondering what a pigeon was up to in the bottom border so went to investigate.  The bird had gone but it transpires that it was a Sparrowhawk and we're now minus a blackbird.  There were five of them having a scrap over the fence the other day, so I daresay he won't be missed.

Why am I so behind with Blip when I have supposedly got nothing else to do?

Here I am practising the art of social distancing whilst trying to evesdrop.

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