It's Time .......

... for my annual attempt to take a decent shot of the fritillaries which are flowering their socks off in the grass at the top of the drive garden. It's pretty rough grass, under a cherry tree, a birch and a sprawling rhododendron.  Getting down low enough, without poking an eye out - the rhoddie has stiff branches at odd angles - is getting harder each year.  I still haven't managed to do them justice.

It's been busy, as days go at the moment. We had a singing session on Zoom this morning, and that went better this time. In the afternoon I had an online GP appointment, and that was fine too. I'm humbled that in the current situation it's still possible to get a consultation. 

Other than that, it was out in the garden. I'm raking last years leaves out of the borders, and there's a lot to do. And the beech hedge still has most of its leaves hanging on. However, it's good exercise. 

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