Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

Broke Down

I had today off work; I know it sounds mad to take leave now considering we can't go anywhere or do anything, but I think it's worthwhile to still take breaks. Possibly even moreso at the moment.

On my morning walk, I decided to venture down a cul-de-sac that houses 2 pokéstops and a Pokémon gym, but I never usually go to them as I don't want to look like a nutter just walking down a road and back! Luckily there was no-one around to see me wander up and down like a Pokémon hunting plonker, and I happened upon this positively post-apocalyptic looking community centre. I really hope it looks better on the inside.

The rest of my day was spent quite productively; I edited and released Episode 105 of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour, got about halfway done with my current cross stitch project, and read another 100 pages of the book I'm in the midst of. A nice day, all things considered.

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