By Beewriter

The Mask

So it is now mandatory for us to wear a mask at work. It won’t stop us catching covid-19 but apparently makes people feel better if we have one on. It was horrible to wear all day, we hate it. You feel you can’t breathe properly, your face sweats and it is so uncomfortable. I take my hat off to those in hospitals who have to wear them all the time.

The sessions are so hard at the moment. They are calling up the same number of donors, but we have to reduce the number of beds. We are triaging and only allowing so many people in the room at a time. The afternoon was so long and people were so patient as they waited. Everyone is marvellous at the moment, not complaining and waiting longer. There are wonderful people out there.

I thanked one woman for waiting and she said, “I don’t mind at all, it’s one hour of home schooling I don’t have to get through”. Lol we aim to please ha ha ha.

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