Panda's Pics

By pandammonium

Spaced-out queuing

Food supplies were getting low, so I braved the supermarket.

They’d closed off part of the car park for customers to queue in, two metres apart. I took my hat, scarf and gloves just in case we had to queue for ages, but it was only a few minutes.

I was pleased to see, once I was in, that there was plenty of stuff on the shelves. Only a few items, like bread, were restricted. I tried to find a balance between buying enough to last longer than usual, so I don’t have to go back any time soon, and leaving enough stuff for everyone else.

One person came right up next to me in the milk aisle, forcing me to move two metres away. While I waited for the dithering to end, I gave them one of my best glares. Most other people tried to keep two metres away.

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