By Houseonahill6


Hibernation day 12, lockdown 9, shieldbug 3,
I managed to make space for some more pots indoors so now the whole of the worktop is full of containers waiting to spring into life. Another radish seedling has appeared, the seeds came in a strip and were reduced from B&Q a few weeks ago. The sweet peas are starting to show as well. Leeks seem to take for ever and you think that’s it and then they appear.
I got the day right today and our boxes of fruit and veg from Black Isle boxes arrived , wonderful fresh produce. They forgot the homemade marmalade but came back with it later on.Two weeks and we’ll get out next delivery :)
My plants from Sutton seeds have arrived too, saving them to open for Thursdays treat.
Mike braved the outside world and took some medication to David, paid my birthday cheques and Brownie subs in at the bank where it was one in one out and only the machine could be used. Then he went to Tesco and managed to get most of what we needed but no soap, handwash, bleach or loo rolls.
He even managed to get me some hanging baskets ,seeds and compost from a hardware shop that was open so now I’ll be able to plant my strawberries in there once they arrive.
I hoovered through and dusted while Mike was out.
It had warmed up abit in the evening so sat outside with my cup of tea. The coal tits really like the peanuts I put out and zip back and forth. The crows have been pulling twigs from one of the dead trees and flying off to a pine tree nearby .Some of the twigs look very hard to fly with never mind weaving into a nest.
Salad for tea with the fresh salad leaves :)

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