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The Old Forge (Wednesday 1st April 2020)

Since the lockdown I have tidied up the two least used rooms with a view to giving myself more options of usable living space and different views to look out on. I've now finished sorting out the two lofts and storing more stuff up there. This is the view of the woodland garden as seen from the conservatory at breakfast time.

I walked into town for the first time since before the lockdown for essential groceries, actually visiting three as there was a socially distanced queue at Sainsbury's. Our Co-Op actually closes for good on Saturday and was virtually empty, both goods and people, but I got a few things and went on to Iceland where I found a flagon of whole milk and some bananas. The girl at the till, Sarah, looked very strained, I thought, as I'm sure I would be.I noticed the queue at Sainsbury's had disappeared so I returned for the rest of my shopping (but forgot several less urgent supplies). There are a few things I can't get in Calne, so when I need them I will use Archie and recharge her battery.

I have heard from Jane, the vet, with Smokey's tests. They aren't conclusive but weren't cheery. He is anaemic and underweight and things point towards either gastric or kidney problems, both treatable but problematic in the longer term. More tests to be done, but a couple where I can begin the process at home and not have to take him to the vets again yet. He will soon be on a special diet.

Both Mrs T and Twix invaded the kitchen.

1.4.2020 (1214 hr)

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Woodland Garden (April 2020) (Work in progress)

Taken with Pentax K-50 (Red) and Pentax HD P-D FA 28-105mm f/3.5-5.6ED DC WR lens

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Dalida - Vai tu sei libero (recorded 1964)
(played from
Intégrale 1960-1961, Vol. 2)
I've been playing the 2CD soundtrack to both seasons of Killing Eve and found this on the second disc. The soundtrack was largely the choice of David Holmes, whose group the Unloved provided the majority of the tracks. The locations of the various episodes enabled the choice of various vintage tracks from the appropriate countries by a variety of artists.
While writing up the indexing for the database of my collection I used a disproportionate amount of time getting the right details for this track, as the booklet gives the year as 1961, doesn't give the composer credits, quotes the wrong composers for the Italian translation and doesn't mention that the song is You Don't Own Me, first recorded by Lesley Gore in 1963, two years after the date they gave for this record. The compilation the YouTube clip uses also gets the wrong date.
It turns out that Dalida put out a French version of the song in 1964 and recorded this Italian version, probably at the same time, but didn't release it until 2007, most likely because Lesley Gore released her own Italian version in 1964, and both use the same translated lyric (by Luciano Beretti).

One Year Ago:
Bowerhill (K&A)

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