Abstract Thursday - Repetition

We had our walk earlier than usual this morning as I wanted to get back and finish a few more things for the bookkeeper.  

The decorative balls at the abandoned Bunnings building stood out against the morning sky and the repetition of the poles, balls and wires made an interesting abstract for the challenge.

After some discussion on the phone with the bookkeeper Tracey we all decided that because of the isolation rules in place now she should take all the paperwork back to her office and do it all there!  Much better solution than trying to awkwardly avoid each other here.  I have had some long talks with her on the phone before today and I was looking forward to meeting her face to face.  In  the end we just saw each other briefly as she picked up the box of papers downstairs and I was up on the top step.  She’s very nice but its not the same as someone you've known for 20 years!

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