What I've Done

By JohnGravett


Our walk today was just a stroll down to the lake. On the way back we popped into Booths for a loaf of bread (very quiet) then walked up through the town centre to pick up a prescription on the way home. Keswick was quiet, to say the least. This is a 360 degree panorama taken standing outside the Keswickian chippy. I love the fact that people agonise over panoramas, with tripods, panoramic heads and nodal points. I don't disagree that taking great care will give perfect results, but this one was taken hand held, it's a stitched panorama of 14 photos. Done simply by turning around in about 15 seconds. - Result doesn't look too shabby. 

I've also added an extra of "planet keswick" using the same panorama

Stay safe everyone. 

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