Happy Birthday Mum

Mum was an amazing person and could cope with anything ( that includes me ) She despaired of my cookery skills but where we were so in tune was our love of reading , humour , and independence ..
A free reader at 3 years of age I've mum to thank and never once in debt, again due  to her since finance was taught 1to 1  at an early age .. A virtual none drinker ,( one sherry at Christmas ) having grown up in an area where she saw too much drunken behaviour and poverty .Salford may be gentrified now but  was certainly rough even in my childhood .This evening I'll raise my glass and sing happy birthday  "Believe me mum.. cooking skills I do have but bakery remains a mystery."..  
Her last words to me  I'll always recall .but they remain locked in my heart . So very special ...

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