Erratic Blips

By Brigadier_Blip

Home Jigsaw

I bought this jigsaw as part of my wife's Christmas. It is centred on our postcode and on close inspection you can see that our house is on a larger-sized house-shaped piece in the middle. 
It came without a 'picture' and my wife at first accused me of buying this to 'drive her off her head'. However, I am not an unfair person, because I also bought her the OS Landranger map No.58 for Perth & Alloa upon which the jigsaw is based.
To be fair, it has not taken her all this time to finish it as she did not start it till some time after Christmas because she had other jigsaws on the go. She is now very well acquainted with all the villages, hamlets, farms, standing stones and Roman signal stations etc. in our area. 

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