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By ajt

To the point

Back blip.

First full day back at work. Not a lot to do as most of our clients have stopped working and all non essential work has stopped. A few clients are still doing things but as you can imagine it's bleak at the moment. Those of us with jobs aren't going to have them for very long at this rate...

Today's back blip is the tip/point of a Parker jotter ball point pen. They have been around since 1954 but this one is a lot younger than that. Depending on their age, they can be made in the USA, UK or France. This one was made in the UK. At school I was forced to use a fountain pen because that was proper, other than taking notes at University, I don't think I've ever written much more than a shopping list or greeting card in all my adult life... Everything I do now is typed and while I scribble notes at work, it's usually just words or technical object names not even sentences...! Strange how things change...

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