Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Inevitable

Now we’re finally told to wear masks if you can’t keep a big distance.   No surprise.  I’ve been making them and giving some away today much before I usually get out of bed we thought we’d try our local grocery/wine store that recently was closed for 6 weeks and totally renovated by the new owner and opened 1 week ago.   We were there at 7:50 AM and were the only ones in the store.  (it’s not really just for seniors then but that was the idea) .  With our masks and gloves.   But the owner, the wine guy and the one clerk (who had to help with the brand new self check machine, (and has a mother who is recovering from covid-19..altho she doesn’t live with her.) did NOT have masks on, just gloves.   Made me nervous..  We got what we needed pretty quickly, but I”m not sure I’ll do this again.  Too bad, it’s a 5 minute walk, and has enough produce, even organic to satisfy me for a long time.
It used to be a very popular wine store with good prices.  …H says it has a ways to go be the same altho they are trying to have the same inventory.

And the masks were horrible— my glasses steamed up so much I couldn’t see the vegetables, much less read my list!    H took his glasses off to do that.   He thinks a bandana works as well.  But I experimented with a bit of wire over the nose and I think it’s a tighter fit..might work better.   We know they are just “better than nothing” at all but everyone needs to wear them  to be effective.  (I protect you.   You protect me)  but at least no-one will think we’ve got the good ones, depriving some health care worker who really needs those so much more. 

After this and a walk  (picking up fresh bakery bread) we had a welcome quiet day at home.   No coffee dates, FaceTime or Zoom. whew.  And Blue Apron arrived a day late with 3 meals!

Tomorrow I’ll blip something more beautiful,

Extra..our lovely younger condo neighbor taking over for our professional lawn person... it's deemed a non essential business unless something is "spoilable" .. guess that doesn't include grass.   ????  makes no sense to me as they work alone.      Helpful info about wearing masks

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