By mollymay49

Quiet Day

We went early for our walk this morning, a few white cockatoos were hanging from the palm trees or just enjoying the sun.
we could count on one  hand the surfers who turned up tp brave the waves this morning.
Coco GP, had a good clean of his hutch and basket today, an easy task with bags of time on our hands.
Everyday we are encouraged to stay home, going outdoors just for exercise or essentials, which we adhere to as much as posable.
We finally registered today for on line shopping, we have kept putting that off but now we think its time, as from Monday our supermarkets will only be allowing a certain number in the store at one time, we don't really need to stand in line for our necessities, what we haven't got we can easily do without. The shopping list is set we are waiting for a spot to post it.

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