By snailspace

Fourlips? A Kiss of Spring

Fourlips has to be better than twolips, surely?

A gorgeous spring day today. Sitting out in the garden, admiring my neighbours flowers and observing the trees bursting into leaf. Lockdown could be a lot worse.

Looks like my subscription has run out. It's too much money to stump up annually so I shall be on a freebie from now on. It still smarts that I bought a lifetime subscription and  received no  thanks or recognition from the new team. Those of us who stepped forward in a time of need should have been treated better and not just given the "new ownership" line. 

No, I know. *sigh* but I don't believe that it will ever cease to rankle with me. Joe's Blipfoto was a wonderful place. These days, I feel far less certain. I feel myself growing ever further away.

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