Saturday again

We had a treat for breakfast - Mr PHL made sausage McMuffins from scratch. Pretty good for a first attempt and plenty patties left to freeze for next time.

My neighbour messaged to say he’d got his hands on a lump of fresh yeast and did I want some? Well yes please. Haven’t done anything with it yet but there’s 3.5 ounces so once I get enough flour I’m all set to make a few loaves. Luckily Mr Google confirmed I can freeze it so will do that tomorrow.

Walked with Miss PHL for around 50 minutes - nearly everyone was being considerate apart from the cyclist fully knitted out riding on the pavement who forced us into the grass verge and then rode up behind us on his way back up the hill and didn’t announce himself so gave us a real fright when he squeezed past.

Spaghetti bolognese for dinner and now onto Iron Man 3.

In appreciation of everyone working in front line occupations I’ve blipped the heart which normally hangs from a hook in the living room.

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