Boys on the Bike

I treated myself to a walk with Elizabeth today. We kept the required distance apart but could still chat.
The only others we saw were Graham and Hugh out for a spin on the bike.

She told me about home schooling. They stick pretty much to standard hours with their Mum in charge. The teacher has a virtual meeting with them each morning and they do things with classmates via *Zoom.
The general opinion in the family is that the younger 3 at least are learning more at home than at school. Hugh is particularly unimpressed. After one day he complained that he "had never been made to work so hard and couldn't cope with the stress".
I impressed upon Elizabeth that she is living through probably the biggest history lesson of her life.

*BTW, Graham was very amused to tell us that shares in a company called Zoom recently went through the roof, until people realised it had nothing to do with the videoconferencing app everyone is using.
No doubt some made or lost a lot of money there :-)

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