Upward facing dog.

I went for a 5km run. Strava plotted some routes for me and I chose the one that avoided the parks and took in the quieter streets and roads.
It still ended up like an obstacle race.
Couples - please go in single file so I can pass you at a safe distance instead of having to run in the middle of the road.
Cyclists - please don't overtake me with inches to spare.
Men! - please don't walk in the middle of the footpath making a 2m safe distance inpossible. 
Other runners - please do not spit, it's disgusting at the best of times.

I came home, opened all my windows, and tried to make my window boxes look presentable. The downstairs dog watched me.

I spent an hour or so in the evening on a video call with K. Then watched the second Harry Potter movie. 

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