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Former railway bridge over the Loch Creran narrows.

At the time of uploading this, the bridge has long since been recycled - the metal structure parts were taken away on a barge, to be used elsewhere, and the stone piers were changed, by reducing their height, and removing the side arches and towers. Then steel beams were put across the gap, which now support a road bridge over here. Saves quite a few winding miles that we had to travel going right the way around the sea loch, as was the case back when this was taken.

Took the scenic route back home from Ballachulish, via Oban. Much nicer and drier weather than journey up yesterday.

Ricoh KR-10 : 50mm : ISO 400

Lens: XR Rikenon 50mm f/2
Film: KodaColor II 400 (Colour negative)

[Frame : 33]

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