Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


My first tulip to bloom!  So simple. So exquisite.  It brings me joy.  thank you Nature. 

I was going to write about how with all this “extra” time we are having at home, why am I not getting more accomplished?    I can easily fill my time with my same ol’ projects and photo tutorials.   But now there are a zillion choices of interesting things to do and learn on the internet, that we “should “have time to pursue. But with keeping in touch with family and friends and not even keeping up with blip comments, it seems stressful to try.  and forget the “death cleaning” or organizing (I did clear 1/2 my work table tho and manage a few chores,)  I think other people are feeling this.     
Here’s an example.   I saw a blip that mentioned the Metropolitan Opera free evening streaming operas.   You know I like opera.  I’ve watched bits on my ipad but somehow a whole long opera on the iPad doesn’t do it for me,  so I thought I’d try to put it on Apple TV..Which took some doing, but I got the app to work. .   today was Verdi’s MacBeth with Anna Netrebko and I wanted to see her do the sleepwalking mad scene.   but I couldn’t make it fast forward.  It was really excellent so of course we watched half, then took our walk in the sun, then came back and picked up where we left off. (this is cool)   There went 3 hours of sunday!   and of course I had to get the opera book off the shelf to check about the plot and I noticed that it was a book given to me by a good friend in 1961…So of course I have to take a picture of her note and write to this friend…….
And then I had to mess with my photos for blip so didn’t even get to watch one tutorial.   In the evening lately we’re binging Homeland right now as it’s free too and we were several seasons behind…

Oh well…these are interesting times…..I quite liked my day.... And am grateful for so much!

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