By scribbler

NaPoWriMo can be grueling

And so can cyberspace. It took me an endless amount of tedium to get my weirdly frozen computer back to a semblance of working order. The only good part is that when I opened Microsoft Word, the poem I'd just finished drafting was still there. I was afraid I'd forgotten to save it! But either I did, or Microsoft did. So here it is, for NaPoWriMo Day 5.


The poet’s refuge
in coronavirus times —
the humble haiku.

Forget the season.
After all, you’re not Bashō.
Forget pond, frog, rain.

Rhyming is okay!
Spruces up the plainness
on a dreary day.

Insist on structure —
authentic five-seven-five 
makes your haiku sing.

Now you’re almost there.
Twelve more syllables to go
and you’re done — ka-ching!

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