Out and About

By Puffin


Be gone Bittercress - a pleasant  couple of hours in the sunshine digging up  bittercress, by far the most common weed in the beds. Oh and doing pilates via Zoom and reading lots of the latest book. At this rate I will get through the pile by my bed. 

Day 22
Boris is in hospital with Covid#19 but still running the country. 439 deaths, down on yesterday. Dominic Raab gave the daily update and being Foreign Secretary he concentrated on the efforts to bring people back from abroad. One Brit abroad  is the climate change runner Rosie Watson from the Lake District, who set off last summer to run to Mongolia , blogging on the way on how the different countries are reacting to climate change. She is the sister of son M's girlfriend. Rosie is stuck in Kosovo but that country is reporting only 3 deaths to date  and as she refuses to travel on an airplane, it looks like a good place to stay put. If you are curious to read her blogs click here.  and scroll down to the second map.

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