Today I don't feel like Doing Anything

Si and I worked all day today, side by side, from 8.30 til 4.30.  I worked for another 2 hours whilst he went and bought some essentials and started the dinner. 

I've been trying to avoid the news, and the daily briefing and I've stopped watching the Worldometre reading on how many are infected and how many are dead. 

What has our life become?  A bar chart of who lived and who died. 

And now- Boris is in intensive care.  I dind't like the look of him when he video'd himself the other night.  

On the upside.. human interaction today.  The bin men very kindly mixed up all of the bins today-  so all the neighbours were out, moving the bins in to a socially acceptable distance apart as we tried to find the correct one. 

On the upside, we know if we go down with it, it was the Bin man what did it. 

Secondly - lovely neighbours from two doors down tonight, came round everyone's door and left a wee bag with home baking on the doorstep.. 

Thirdly - when we were out for our walk, another neighbour nearly banged through his window when he saw us.... and desperately wanted to say "hello" so we waved like loonies back - and made him smile. 

It was a good day. 


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