By LooseCanon

House arrest - day #17 Favourite thing

The idea for this mono Monday blip came from DavidC.   He declared himself to be a geek and I must admit to the same.

When I was a teenager I obtained an amateur radio (radio Ham) licence.   I was still at school at the time having learnt radio communication (mainly morse code) in the CCF.

I continued after I left school but got interested in other (similar) things in the 1990s and I gave up my radio licence.

This picture shows QSL cards (mine in the centre).   These are exchanged by radio enthusiasts to confirm contacts.   These are a few of the more interesting ones from my collection.   It's all far too easy nowadays with the internet but before the internet age it was quite a challenge making long distance contacts,   particularly since I lacked the sophisticated equipment that other people had.

These saw the light of day today while Jane and I were clearing out the loft

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