Plus ça change...

By SooB


A somewhat stressful work morning and early afternoon, tempered by an even-paced afternoon, with a pleasant early evening break with the hens. This quince tree, now in full flower, is in their enclosure.

We think brown hen (Henrietta) is sick. It’s probably anaemia from lice, or may be from worms. Both are being treated in a low key way, but also with lots of tlc. So when the hens are out, I dig with a stick so she can get worms and grubs, and when it is food time I let the others out to forage and then give her first dibs at the food trough. We think the other two have sensed weakness and are bullying her. I know I have a hair trigger for reaction to bullying, but I think making sure she gets enough food is the least I can do.

Mr B ventured out for essentials today (nail gun nails, insulation, and ceiling wood panels) and I am beginning to wonder if, after all this, I will still remember how to drive.

And I found time this afternoon to get caught up on blip. So there are a dozen or do backblips for those with the stamina. 4 April was a big day.

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