By misswinterfinch

Crocus Clusters #2

On the 1st of April I blipped this crocus group, but more have come out so, being that they are my favourites this year, here they go again.
The other photo I took today was the front door of the medical clinic I had an appoint with in today. There were warning signs all over it. I think the crocus are nicer.
I was OUT of my house and on the road today to go for my B-12 shot. It is three months overdue. If I wait too long I will have to start the make up treatment again. which is very tedious. My tank goes empty if I do not get the injections. Food doesn't do it for me.
Anyway, I arrived at the appointed time. Heather, the Inoculations Nurse met me in the hallway to the waiting room and gave me the injection. She' always is pain-free in her shots.  Prides herself on it. No one is allowed into the clinic waiting room. Everything is done as "virtual appointments", I guess online. Heather is also the triage nurse and says the phone has been ringing off the hook for people who think they have symptoms and need advice.
God bless these fabulous nurses. I should have taken her picture for my blip but didn't think of it until she went back down the hallway.
Then I drove home. The whole thing took three hours.
On my way there I listened on the car radio to Governor of NY Andrew Cuomo giving his daily briefing about how things are going for us and especially the people in Downstate around Manhattan who are really hit by this thing. our county has under 100 cases and no deaths, yet.
But he really lit into the people who have not been isolating. Some went to a huge Jewish funeral on Saturday. Then many people are out and about in the glorious sunshine today. No-no! NO!!
The lockdown (called 'A Pause') stays in effect until 29th of April.
As with other times when I have been out I was very very glad to be back home, safe and sound, breathing my own air.
There are fewer new cases in the state, but it is too soon to declare a flattening of the curve. Stay home like good children. Smell the flowers... I like and appreciate Gov. Cuomo!
Enjoy your flowers.

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