The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie

Gecko Again!

The stool for melamny's daughter is completely finished, and waiting for her to pick it up from two metres away on our doorstep tomorrow. Although I haven't actually got around to telling her I made a stool yet... She's actually coming to give me some sewing to do, and for me to return a quilt I mended (my present to them for their wedding - free sewing / mending service!).

We hung the gecko and the little fish (see extras) in the bathroom this morning. And I made a windproof cover to stop the draught from the extractor fan. This is attempt no.3, as I was a bit bamboozled by trying to get the measurements all worked out, and somehow it was too small, and then too big.

I finished my book, A Company of Swans, sitting outside in the sunshine. With my dressing gown on over my clothes, because it was a cool wind, and I like my dressing gown. And my sunglasses, because it was sunny. The neighbours were much amused! The book wasn't as good as the other one written by the same lady that I finished the other day A Countess Below Stairs, but it was nevertheless an enjoyable read.

I also made a carrot cake, and didn't burn it!! And hung a small painting in my room.

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