By Arachne

Portable garden

I am now ready to move at four hours' notice, if need be, but have no idea when moving might happen. There's no point actually packing the kettle, mugs and teabags yet so, alongside the furniture restoration, I've started creating a portable vegetable garden using a box of seeds I discovered when I was tidying the shed.

Some of the seeds were harvested from last year's bean crop but the 'raised bed' contains lettuce seeds from a packet dated 1983. I didn't think there was much point sprinkling them sparsely as instructed so there are an unlikely 500-odd lettuces in there. It'll be a bonus if one germinates.

Those white flowers at the front have grown from a pack of seeds and bulbs given by the city of Grenoble to everyone in our choir when we visited last June to celebrate 30 years of twinning. They are unintentionally poignant - the Grenoble choir was due to come here in May to sing in two concerts with us and of course they can't come.
Edit: Given the comments below, I think I must be wrong about where these came from. I'm so hopeless at gardening I've probably managed to kill whatever it was we were given.

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