Wide Wednesday: "Looking Up!"

Bobsblips's Widwed challenge, kindly hosted this week by Freyjad, is "Looking Up".

It's been a gorgeous, remarkably warm spring day so this morning my Editor & I went for our statutory walk-for-exercise. As is often the case, our route incorporated some of the local Rising Sun Country Park: there were quite a few other folk with the same idea but we managed to keep our 2-metre distance.

This is a fisheye view of a slag heap(!). At least, it used to be a slag heap for the local colliery but it's now a nice landscaped hill which forms a sort of centrepiece for the park. I took the photo with the camera held low, looking up what is a fairly steep tree-lined path. I know it's steep as I ran up it literally hundreds of times in my jogging days before my knees decided they didn't much like running any more (somehow as I got older the path seemed to get gradually steeper!)

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