Puzzle Mad.

Isabella loves her puzzles, and does them without any help.  Here she is completing a 3D puzzle.  I've never been able to finish this one, it makes my eyes go funny.

We made cakes this morning.  Whilst they cooled I suggested a walk, but they didn't want to go.  So, I left them with Grandpa and went to get some things from the supermarket.

It was very quiet in the supermarket.  The shelves were very well stacked, apart from a few tinned items.

Came home to find Mia asleep.  Isabella and I went off to do her numbers.   She can count to 20, without a mistake, and count backwards from10.  Then we started on recognizing the alphabet.

We then went onto more puzzles, she did 7.  6 smaller ones and 1 large one.

Mia woke up, took herself to the potty and then went back to lie down.  Eventually, she got up, so we iced the cakes.

The rest of the afternoon, consisted of various games that they were playing together.

We had the results of Isabella's blood test.  The initial result seems to be a bacterial infection.  But the Lab will do a more detailed test.  Also, her white blood cell count is down.

Depending on the result of the more detailed test, she may have to have another blood test.  The doctor said she'd ring Alexandra on Sunday.

Isabella is lively enough.  She's been running around all afternoon!!  So, I can't see there being too much wrong with her.  But best to be sure.

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